Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What have we be doing these weeks ?

We have worked on drawing and painting ...

in a nice an colourful way we explore different kind of lines, the idea of inside / outside and mixed-media.

We have been painting in big and small formats. Using mixed-media and dripping techniques.

We stretch, we breath, we are aware of our words and actions … but we also play, dance and have fun !

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Animals, animals ...

During our mindful Art class, kids experience freedom to express their art, they try out different materials, explore the matter, feel the glue in their hands …

Kids work hard and do the job by themselves, they learn to cut, to stick, to draw, to paint, to build …

Mindfulness, freedom and guidance help to build confidence, develop creativity and make great artworks.

We have time to sing, to stretch, to CREATE … to breath …

Monday, February 11, 2019

3 days Mindfulness, Environment and Art Workshop.

Planting seeds of mindfulness, ecology, healthy food but also promoting self-confidence through oral and art expression, sharing and teamwork … and always playing and having fun.

We did all this and more in Funny like a monkey, strong like a lion and steady like a frog -
our 3 days Mindfulness, Environment and Art Workshop.

Next workshop in April.  If interested please let me know to reserve a space … limited spots.

We also enjoyed cooking, smelling, tasting and eating in a mindful way …

What better to finish every day … with some reflections about ecology and a good dose of ART !
… and we did lot, lot of knots !

Thanks little monkeys for making this possible ... for working hard and breathing deeply !

Funny like a monkey, strong like a lion and steady like a frog.