Saturday, January 12, 2019

Self-portrait / Mixed-Media – Mindful Art Class – Blue Rainbow

Who said at 4 we are too young for drawing 
a Self-portrait.
Self-portrait / Mixed-Media – Mindful Art Class – Blue Rainbow

The portrait can represent the external appearance of a person but it can also reflect the deep personality and identity of someone. 

Along centuries, artists have represented themselves as a way to express their emotions, feelings, talk about time and their roll in society.

B & S – Dec 2018

During this class Kids reflected on lines, proportions and shapes. Also about those important things that surrounded them … and one of those things was their little girl mate absent that day, so they decided to write her name on their works …
As a Mindful act and a good way to reflect and prepare for the final work, I encourage them to make sketches and preparatory works …

Develop creativity is one of the big aims in my classes, so here kids do the job by themselves, their creations come from their efforts and are accorded to their age and motor capacities …

Art, Mindfulness and Yoga for kids and adults. 
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