Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Proyecto Dos - Colombian Painting Exhibition

Project under construction...
At the moment I am working on a new project for promoting Colombian artists.
The project consists of having one or several exhibitions with 5 Colombian painters in or including outside of the next Latin American festival. These five artists present pictorial works with a high pictorial quality which are each different from each other.
Four of them have been residing in Colombia and Maria Isabel Parra for 4 years in Hong Kong.
This initiative was conceived with the intention of continuing the idea of promoting Colombian fine art artists in Hong Kong. This work began last year with a first project Project One - Colombian Colours, which with the support of the Mayorship of Medellín, the consulate of Colombia in Hong Kong and GRULAC made possible their participation in the Hong Kong 2005 Latin America Festival.

Within the frame of Proyecto Uno - Colombian Colours, educative activities were carried out such as artistic workshops in two districts of limited resources in the city of Medellín, a guided visit to the exhibition of Proyecto Uno - Colombian Colours for students of the French International School, as well as a creative workshop which was carried out outdoors in Victoria Park, Hong Kong. Also two websites with the purpose of promoting the Colombian art are being constructed.

For the moment, we are waiting for some financial help from the Colombian Government to bring this project to life. So sponsors are welcome to support this new project, which also includes some artistic workshops for children in Medellin, Colombia. Also galleries, and cultural places are welcome to make part of this project. - Maria Isabel Parra
The artists:

Mari Rincón - Jorge Gutiérrez

Oscar Arango - Cecilia Carvajal

Maria Isabel Parra