Saturday, June 16, 2007

The tunnel of feelings - A project with the French International school in Hong-Kong


This is an educational project aimed at children from eight to ten years old. I did it with 4 classes in the French International School in Hong-Kong during the last 2 weeks.

It seeks to integrate two basic areas of knowledge of education, artistic education and environmental education by means of an artistic intervention, in order to create a collective work that registers within the characters of contemporary art.

This intervention aims for the students to have a critical glance towards some environmental phenomena, like for example the importance of recycling nowadays or the importance of a good quality of life. And it is this process of reflection and critical thought that will transform into creativity and artistic expression.

Hong Kong is one of the most polluted cities in world, if we add to that the fact that at the moment undergoes a serious problem of storage of waste, is worth the trouble to use these aspects of daily life to reflect at the school and through art.