Friday, December 13, 2013

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - at Very Hong Kong 2013

 If Under Construction reintroduces the trolley, which has already appeared in art since the 60s, and which we know for its qualities of‘carrier, it is to address today’s consumer society.

As a central element of the work, the trolley here not only tries to carry the weight of society, crowded and overly consumerist, but also a bundle of bamboo ...
A symbol of wisdom and strength in Chinese culture, bamboo is pushed in a trolley through the busiest and most consumerist areas of Hong Kong, asking us to reflect on the values constantly in change in ‘modern’ society.

Full of contradictions and contrasts, our society is day by day affected by our way of living; it adjusts, it modifies, it constructs, continually seeking balance, one way or another.

Upon what point can a stable balance be established, if not upon a more human relationship with our nature and environment? Recalling wisdom and strength, so asks bamboo..

Under Construction is not a denunciation, it is an allegory of hope.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Setting up Under Construction


... A set up a little bit tricky .... but what a beautiful place !