Monday, May 02, 2022

Art - Feelings – Mindfulness


Art - Feelings - Mindfulness

And the connections between Brain – Language - Body

Kids 4 - 8yrs

Art is a good tool for expressing feelings and a deep form of communication. It helps consciously or unconsciously to reach emotions such as frustration, anger, sadness and get them released. Art helps healing those emotions and help in preventing and healing stress, anxiety and depression.

We learn little by little to feel the body and mental needs when practicing mindfulness. In turn art is a strong tool for mindfulness. Both helps in boosting self-confidence.

We have being living difficult times during the last years due to Covid. Strict sanitary measures and the virus in itself have provoked lot of stress and distress in thousand of peoples in the world. Hong kong has experienced one of the strictest measures with schools, parks and sport facilities closed several times for months each time thus kids have been forced to stay for long periods indoors. Measures have been easing little by little recently and finally we can come back to classes. I though it would be a good idea to dedicate the first classes to talk and express feelings and emotions. Trying to create connections between brain-language-body to release tensions, stress at same time we reflect, we put words, colours and strokes on it.

Kids often hide their feelings and emotions. It is easy to find kids thinking that some feelings are bad or abnormal so they prefer not to talk about and keep them well inside them.

During our the recent sessions the kids are asked to think about different feelings, those they like and those they dislike. We attribute them a main colour, a stroke, a shape to each of them to represent them in an expressive and abstract way. We liberate the world, we release tensions, gain self-confidence and stimulates our HAPPINESS hormones !

A (4.5yrs) represented her mum's belly while pregnant of her bigger sister !! That's pure love!

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