Friday, June 24, 2022

Love Is In The Air

 Love Is In The Air 

Alexander Calder was the pioneer of the “mobile”. His mobiles made possible to see art as an idea in constant movement. His balancing artworks made with industrial materials in the nature made spaces in great harmony.

I personally, as an artist that believes we live in constant movement even in times where we could think all is stuck, mobiles give me that feeling of pace, balance and harmony, that's why I love to create and recreate them with my students. 

The creation of mobiles is a kind of meditation, we focus our mind in creating the right balance, in doing knots that allow to hold our ideas and feelings and hanging just the necessary elements to create and harmonic movement with air, breath and time.

Here my lovely 6 – 8yrs worked hard and gracefully during 3 sessions to create these beautiful Mobiles … Love is in the Air !

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